Map of free / nearly-free wifi hotspots in New Zealand

Music to my ears!

Music to my ears!

I just came across this great project to map all free / nearly-free (with a coffee or other minor purchase) wifi hotspots in New Zealand. Lord knows we’re not exactly flush with them here in Aotearoa so it’s good to know where they are! Top work! Let’s help the project out and add any hotspots that we know of by hitting up the link below. Ain’t crowd-sourcing sweet?


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  1. sennoo says:

    Esquire is so far the places I know offer free wifi with any purchase from them.

    (sennoo has made 2 comments)

  2. tommo8 says:

    Lots of the Zenbu Wi-Fi hotspots are free too, you can search for “free” on the list at

    (tommo8 has made 1 comment)

  3. aomus says:

    FYI on a recent trip to Sydney, I discovered all the McDonalds have free wifi and I was able to Skype home (no purchase necessary). Also at the Apple stores, all the computers were connected and it was free to browse the Web etc and free Wifi connection for your iPhone.

    (aomus has made 2 comments)

  4. Richard says:

    World wide Apple stores have free wi-fi (even Japan, where “free” and “wifi” dont seam to go together). Great back up when traveling :-)

    (Richard has made 50 comments)

  5. Ivan says:

    It occurred to me whilst I was on holiday in Australia that it is only the tourists that are after the free wifi. For instance back in NZ I’d never go looking for and have no idea where free wifi because I’d just use my data plan bandwidth.

    (Ivan has made 32 comments)

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