Yellow now live on the App Store

Yellow is go!

Yellow is go!

Last week we reviewed the new Yellow (Pages) NZ app for you, and we have just had word that it is now live for download. Get it while it’s fresh!

In comments from our first review we noted that some things weren’t working as we’d hoped such as ‘Confirm Dial’, ‘Safari in App’, ‘Text Wrapping’ and ‘Crashing’. Yellow have responded to this and advised the following:

“Confirm dial and safari in app are in the current version of Yellow™ under the 3.0.x devices. As far as we know we’ve had no wrapping issues on the current public version of the iPhone OS and we haven’t had any crash reports show up in the system from 3.0.x devices.”

As we are running 3.1b3 this would make sense, but please let us know how you get on.

They have said that offline data “is something we’ll investigate once the app is launched” so hopefully that will be coming in an update.

They have also made comment on the search logic saying:

“The Yellow™ iPhone app is based on the Yellow™ online search logic, we know that there are some issues with it at the moment but we’re doing our best to fix them as soon as possible.”

This is all good news and great to see the developers are on board and listening to what their users say. So go get the app from the link below and let us know your thoughts.


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  1. aidanhill says:

    Just downloaded, a very nice apps, be interesting if it takes over me using Find NZ and Zenbu

    (aidanhill has made 21 comments)

  2. raab says:

    Search is still fairly useless. For example I search for Cafe Polo using current location and it brings up a myriad of choices none of which contain the word cafe or polo.

    (raab has made 24 comments)

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