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So we finally got our hands on an iPad 3G, we are still waiting for ours to arrive, and we can now give you the details of setting it up to use on XT and how to create your very own MicroSIM.

Read on for the full detail and PDF guide…

So our choice of network for our iPhones is XT, therefore it is only natural that our choice for the iPad would be XT as well. Why do we use XT and not Vodafone? On Vodafone , due to the frequencies of the iPad (and iPhone) you will only have 2G services outside of the main centres, you maybe in the Vodafone camp, but personally the speeds you get on XT can’t be beaten.

The first thing we need to do is go through the legal stuff, sorry but we have to.

  1. If you ruin your SIM whilst cutting it up, don’t blame us
  2. If you ruin your iPad (or any part of it) whilst installing the SIM or using the SIM in it, don’t blame us
  3. If you cut yourself whilst cutting up the SIM, don’t blame us
  4. You follow the guide below at your own risk, neither iPhonewzealand or Telecom will be held accountable

Right. now that the nasties are out of the way, lets begin.

Firstly make sure you have an activated XT SIM that is setup with the data plan of your choice. This step is important. The iPad 3G renders full size web pages and the 10MB on the  casual plan probably won’t last you too long.

Next, because we will be cutting up the SIM, so that it fits into the iPad, you should note down the SIM ID number in a safe place should you need this in the future.

If you make a mistake whilst cutting then you will need to start with a fresh SIM card.

Open up your iPad box and unwrap your new toy.

iPad 3G

On the side you will find the SIM tray. Using the ‘SIM Tray Removal Tool’ (provided by Apple) pop the tray out and remove the AT&T MicroSIM.

iPad SIM tray

For the next step you can either use the AT&T MicroSIM or the SIM Card template below. Using either one as a guide, mark the XT SIM card with where you need to cut and cut just outside of your line (you can file it down later).

Using the AT&T SIM for a guide

The left hand side of the AT&T SIM lines up with the line that goes all the way through the left hand side of the XT SIM. It is hard to see in the picture above, but in the image below you can see what I mean. You will notice that you are going to be cutting through the metal contact, this is OK.

The lower edge of the AT&T SIM lines up half a mm from the bottom of the XT SIM.

MicroSIM on XT SIM

Using the SIM Card template

The template is probably easier to use if you have a printer. When printing the template, print at 100% and it will be the correct size you need.

Place the guide over the top of your XT SIM or the whole card if it is still attached. Using a pen mark out the area for the MicroSIM.

Cut just outside of the marks using a sturdy pair of scissors, as I said before you will be cutting along the sets of contacts on the SIM card and this is OK!

MicroSIM template (download below)

Once you have cut the SIM out, you can cut the required angle and using a jewellers file or very fine sandpaper held flat against the table shave off the required plastic so that it matches the size of the AT&T SIM. At this stage you should also curve all of the edges of the SIM.

XT and AT&T MicroSIMs

As you sand you can test the fit by inserting the modified SIM into the iPad SIM tray holder. Take your time and DO NOT force the SIM into the tray!

XT SIM in MicroSIM Tray

Once you are happy with the fit put the SIM tray (with the newly created XT MicroSIM) into the iPad.

Switch on your iPad (if it was off) and then navigate to “Settings >> Cellular Data”

Cellular Data Settings (click to enlarge)

Then tap on “APN Settings” enter the following:

APN: internet.telecom.co.nz

Username leave blank

Password leave blank

APN Settings (click to enlarge)

Now you can enjoy your iPad on XT wherever you go!

PDF of these Instructions: Download

MicroSIM Template: Download


After you have completed the SIM card mod, instead of manually setting the APN run the carrier bundle as you would for the iPhone and it will set it automatically and also add the carrier logo.

XT logo after installing Carrier Bundle (click to enlarge)

Let us know how you get on in the comments below.

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  1. ethan4 says:

    Telecom XT and Vodafone NZ have both said over twitter that they have micro-sims available.

    (ethan4 has made 8 comments)

  2. Daniel Burgess says:

    @ joebunting: Maybe, the only reason for an iPad Carrier Bundle would be the logo, and to auto set the APN. For the trouble we go through of doing it, it may not be worth it. At this stage the answer is no, but we may change our mind.

    @ ethan4:Yes, they said they will be getting them but right now they don’t (at least not to the public). This is an interim solution until they do.

  3. Paul says:

    Awesome Guide. Just need an ipad 3G now and I’m set!

    (Paul has made 337 comments)

  4. Jono says:

    I have had my iPad 3G for a few days running on XT. The iPhone 3.1.3 carrier bundles work fine on the iPad. They set the APN and the carrier logo. Very nice.

    (Jono has made 1 comment)

  5. camtab says:

    Thats excellent stuff guys. @ Jono …very interested to read the old Iphone carrier files work on the ipad. Its the small things but seeing the XT logo makes all the difference..we are using the superior network (XT)..we want to advertise it!!

    (camtab has made 480 comments)

  6. yum9me says:

    Looking forward to you getting yours to review. Want to know if I should throw my wifi iPad in the bin (or a blender or microwave =P.)

    Very interested in the real world battery life differences and the other advantages/disadvantages of having an iPad always connected to a 3G network.

    (yum9me has made 28 comments)

  7. joebunting says:

    is there going to be a XT logo like the iPhone avaliable fom you guys soon?

    (joebunting has made 10 comments)

  8. akia says:

    @ ethan4: just to confirm what Dan said, Telecom will be getting micro SIM's but there is no date as to when they will be released.

    (akia has made 3 comments)

  9. MattD says:

    Will it support tethering for other devices?

    (MattD has made 61 comments)

  10. Daniel Burgess says:

    @ MattD: I don’t believe so no. I haven’t seen a “Tethering Option” on any iPad I have seen. Unfortunately we are no longer with iPad 3G anymore so I can’t say 100%, but I am 99.9% sure it doesn’t

  11. Craig says:

    Does it work without a microSIM? I only want it for the GPS part and don't want to pay for 3G data plan that I'm not going to use.

    (Craig has made 58 comments)

  12. deadwood says:

    Hi… Just to be really clear… If I buy a US ipad from the US store and get a mate to ship it over it will work on XT?

    Am I right?

    (deadwood has made 7 comments)

  13. Daniel Burgess says:

    @ deadwood: yes it will

  14. Psychrn says:

    Good stuff guys.

    Yes both networks say they will have there Micro sim cards by release date.

    We of course now know this will be in July.

    Some of use will already have them or are getting by parallel import.

    Once you have cut up your sim card ( I have a T stick BTW)- can you switch that back and ford back into to your T stick afterwards??

    (Psychrn has made 131 comments)

  15. Richard says:

    Just wanted to let you know I did this last night and my new iPad 3G works perfectly.

    Was a WEE bit concerned about cutting the metal part of the sim – but it worked just fine with some sharp kitchen scissors, after 1st parking it with a knife.

    I use the AT&T sim as the guide (much easier I think) and just followed your instructions. Well MOST of them – I didn’t end up sanding it down, just kept trimming with scissors and worked fine.

    I did have the advantage of getting 3 practice sims from my telecom retail store (they were more excited than I was I think!). I am sure if you ask nicely you can get the same – just ask for dead sims. You know if you have trimmed it correctly, because while there will be no signal, it will still find the carriers – a useful of checking your practice trims.

    I will write a full review of the iPad in due course, but the 1st impressions are WOW! Got a US based account set up with an itunes card, so can at least play with apps too! (Warning without this is says “No store for you yet” type message).

    Thanks guys – well done.


    (Richard has made 50 comments)

  16. Craig says:

    I’ve been getting (free) iPad apps from the NZ store without issues. I don’t even have an iPad but when I saw iPad versions of apps I liked I figured I might as well grab them while I remember. Maybe you’ve come across certain apps where the publishers aren’t thinking globally and only tick the US box when they are sending it to the Apple store.

    (Craig has made 58 comments)

  17. Daniel Burgess says:

    @ Craig: What Richard means is on the iPad itself. If you try to use the App store on the iPad whilst logged into your NZ account you get the message.

    From a computer it works fine, just not on the iPad. If you want to use the store on the device then you have to be logged in to a US account.

  18. Richard says:

    Dan – thanks. Yes, that is what I meant :-)

    PC based is fine.

    US account also means you can get US only based apps (like USA today newspaper etc). Also you can buy ibooks. The app store is surprisingly different per country. Lots quite “local” that actually anyone may want.

    (Richard has made 50 comments)

  19. MattD says:

    @ Richard: also note that US store also has TV Shows and a lot more free content.

    Some US Only apps are restricted from IP address location, eg cannot play shows from the ABC app from a non US IP Address

    (MattD has made 61 comments)

  20. akalilmack says:

    akalilmack requested his comment be removed

    (akalilmack has made 4 comments)

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