iPhone 4 pre-orders begin, bye bye iPhone 3G

iPhone 4 pre-orders begin

iPhone 4 pre-orders have begun in the US and low and behold the iPhone 3G has now gone, not only from the US store though, it would seem they have removed it from all their stores, including NZ.

Although the 3G has now gone, you can now get an iPhone 3GS with just 8GB of storage, in black for $899.

iPhone 3G gone, 8GB 3GS available now!

– Apple Store – iPhone

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  1. camtab says:

    Just noticed this on the UK apple store. They sell Sim Unlocked Phones (like NZ) and under the FAQs they have the following:

    Are iPhone 4 and iPad micro-SIM cards interchangeable?
    No. Your iPad micro-SIM card will not work with your iPhone.

    Surely that is a “we dont want you to interchange” as opposed to “it wont work” as I thought a micro sim card is a micro sim card and it will work in any device that needs one. Anyone else have any insight to this. You of the understanding that our Micro Sims from the Ipad (cut or purchased) will work in either device?

    (camtab has made 480 comments)

  2. yum9me says:

    @ camtab:
    The reason why the iPad microSIM won’t work in the iPhone is because the carriers have disabled the feature to get phone calls and SMS/MMS because the device doesn’t support it. At least that is the case with the AT&T ones in the US.

    (yum9me has made 28 comments)

  3. camtab says:

    Oh very interesting yum9me….thanks for the update. Hope XT dont go down that avenue, but then again as Alopes points out, I would have a separate Iphone sim anyway so no major worries (so long as the “iphone sim/plan from XT” enables decent data/text rates) Kinda like the current set up where we can just use our normal XT sim with data loaded on any device we want and it has the ability to take calls and texts if in suitable device.

    (camtab has made 480 comments)

  4. camtab says:

    I note iOS4 is preinstalled on the 8GB but not the other 2..very odd.

    (camtab has made 480 comments)

  5. Daniel Burgess says:

    I guess it will be preinstalled at the factory and as the 8GB 3GS is new it will be done from now. With the 16 and 32GB's they may have old stock with 3.1.3 on them.

  6. camtab says:

    Fair call. The old 8gb 3G was 950 so the new 3GS 8gb with iOS4 installed is a great buy. Hope it sets up good pricing for iPhone 4.

    (camtab has made 480 comments)

  7. alopes says:

    @ camtab: Can you imagine how painful it would be if you want to use ONE sim card in both the devices. So while using your sim card in your iPad you wont be able to make or get calls on your iPhone. i Hope that you do realize that the iPad might be like a giant iPhone but it can't be used as a iPhone to make/ get calls.

    I would rather have two separate sim cards. One on each, besides they don't cost much now a days.

    (alopes has made 71 comments)

  8. camtab says:

    Alopes – yes I am aware the iPad is not a phone… My concern was that they say the micro sim you use in your iPad currently won't work in your iPhone. I am not saying I want to use one sim for all devices but that the sim card size and format etc etc should be 100% identical so why can't it be used (if need be). Normal sims can be interchanged between devices…. Surely the micro sim standard is no different. That was my concern…. Have apple somehow created a 3rd standard (I know there is already credit card sized sims… So this would be the 4th)

    (camtab has made 480 comments)

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