No iBooks Store for New Zealand

Don't go burning those old-fashioned paper books yet

Sadly, it has transpired that one of the most compelling new features of the iPad (and no doubt a future feature of the iPhone) announced at yesterday’s Apple event won’t be available in New Zealand. The fineprint at states “iBooks available in the U.S. only” but for how long? A month? A year? Forever?  Given how long it took us to get the iTunes Store, could we be in for another mammoth wait? It seems that nobody really wants a slice of the Kiwi book pie and that surprises me given how much we (as a country) love to read and how expensive actual books are here. Here’s hoping the wait won’t be long.

– The details are in the fine print, as always…

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  1. lnr1 says:

    Why does that not surprise me! If I were to get an iPad, this would be the only reason. Can we thank Apple for this or the NZ (copyright?) people?

    Hey Steve, is there any information whether or not the iPad runs flash?

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  2. lnr1 says:

    Never mind. Just read the other post

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  3. Mak says:

    Quite a disappointment.

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  4. carper55 says:

    “It’s just the same old song”

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  5. Daniel Burgess says:

    You know, I have to say I am very disappointed with this. I know there was a huge amount of hype and build up for it so it was never going to live up to any expectation, but it feels like Apple have purposely restricted and left stuff out of it.

    When the iPhone was first released yes it was missing some key functions, same with the iPod Touch, but they learned from the short comings and fixed most of them with the 3GS. No knowing all the hype and what everyone was expecting would it have been that hard to put a front facing camera in it? A GPS chip that doesn't require cell coverage? An SD card slot? A USB port for importing directly to the device without having to sync with another MAC? Making iBooks available worldwide?

    To me it is as simple as this:

    Apple have purposely left key features and functionality out of this version of the iPad, knowing consumers will still buy it and then next year they will release the iPad 2nd Generation with more of the missing features which consumers will feel compelled to upgrade to.

    I realise this is a business decision but it is just so blatant.

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