#4SonXT Launch parties how did they go? [video] [gallery]

Congratulations Daniel...ChCh's #1

As you may or may not have heard Telecom threw a couple of launch events last night to celebrate getting the iPhone 4S. Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch seemed to get the queues whilst Dunedin didn’t have much of anything. However in the other three centres a great time was had by all and, as far as we know, no one went home disappointed or empty-handed. Keep reading to see our launch party thoughts, video (nicely edited by Steve) and gallery of pictures.

Steve and I turned up at the Christchurch store just after 8pm, thinking there would be a number of people beginning to turn up already. Unfortunately we were the only ones there, with the exception of a few staff and the promo team. But slowly people began coming in and by midnight there were well over 60 people there, beating Wellington for numbers.

There was live entertainment from Lindon Puffin whose album, Hope Holiday, is available on iTunes on Monday and later in the evening Pizzas and Coffees kept us warm. Now you have to remember.. this isn’t the States, the UK or Aussie and numbers were never going to be as huge as there, but still we had a great turn out and in comparison to years-gone-by this was a great success.

Auckland's 1st!

Dan Carter and the lucky #1

Auckland had a great turn out with Dan Carter presenting the first iPhone 4S on XT at 12:01am to the lucky first customer who had been waiting in line since very early in the day. With entertainment from People of Paris and Josh Leys we understand that it was a fantastic night.

Wellington also had a great night with a similar set up to Christchurch with music, pizzas and coffees to keep everyone entertained and warm throughout the evening.

We also understand that Telecom still have stock at most of their stores today so if you didn’t make it to an event last night you may still be in luck.

The #4SonXT hashtag ended up trending on Twitter last night and it was great to see so many of you using it.

All-in-all it was a great night and Telecom did a fantastic job of launching the iPhone. Had it not been for them it is highly possible that we wouldn’t have seen any party again this year. We also want to say thanks to the great team at @TelecomNZ (Telecom’s Social Media presence) who kept everyone updated throughout the night. Our video and gallery are below but how was your night? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Flickr Gallery - Click to view

Finally we’d just like to note that whilst Vodafone and YooBee both had launch parties, no photos, videos or Tweets were sent to us and so we are unable to report on how they went. However please let us know in the comments if you went to one of their parties how it was.

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  1. jb2610 says:

    Yeah…I got my 4S from the Rotorua Telecom store this morning and have now cancelled the one I ordered driect from Apple. Interesting to note that the Telecom staff told me they had plenty of phones on hand but a guy who bought his from the Rotorua Vodafone store said that they only had one 64GB one for sale. Not sure if they didn’t bother ordering anymore in or whether Apple didn’t give them a choice!!??

    (jb2610 has made 5 comments)

  2. Jarred says:

    @ jb2610:

    Interesting, I had a similar experience in Hamilton. Vodafone stores had very few 64gb models (1 at one store, and 3 at another and were sold out when I got there) yet I was able to stroll into a Telecom outlet at 10am in the CBD and get one…

    (Jarred has made 4 comments)

  3. sinister1981 says:

    Same here, had two on order with Apple, strolled into Telecom in Westcity, Waitakere at around 3 pm and picked up two 32 GB. Guy in the shop said they had plenty left and had only sold about 15 all day. I was expecting sell outs…..

    (sinister1981 has made 9 comments)

  4. nz_Ark says:

    I got mine from the Telecom store in Westfield Mall Christchurch at approx 11am this morning. I was the first person they had up until then buy a 64G model and they still had a number left apparently. They also had plenty of stock of the other variations.

    What REALLY impressed me though was that up until this purchase I had been a Vodafone customer (right since the early 90′s when it was BellSouth!) and therefore at the same time I wanted my voda number ported. The paperwork took about 15 mins (as I also took the opportunity to have my new plan charged to my existing landline as a prepay “on the bill” system with a data pack added) and I was told there could be a delay of anything from 4 to 8 hours. However only about 1/2 and hour of walking out the store my existing Vodafone Nokia beeped and told me “SIM registration failure”. This was before I even had the new phone home to setup. Lo and behold when I did get it home it the new SIM worked.

    I guess the speed here is Vodafone actually releasing the number rather than Telecom efficiency – but in any case I was a very happy customer.

    Bye Vodafone… You were good to me in the early days where you were the only operator in many places I travelled (such as Hanmer Springs for a number of years!)… but to be honest… I am glad to be rid of you. Hello Telecom XT *hug*

    (nz_Ark has made 56 comments)

  5. sinister1981 says:

    Yeah, we were already on Telecom, but needed to port the number to a micro sim. It was done before the transaction was complete! I couldn’t believe how fast it was

    (sinister1981 has made 9 comments)

  6. wazza says:

    I had 2 orders with Apple but went to Telecom in London st Hamilton today and picked a 64Gb black. Came back an hour later for another 64gb but they told me they sold it (I had it on hold). So I went to Telecom at Te Awa and picked up a 64gb white.

    Both bought outright.

    (wazza has made 10 comments)

  7. clintriley says:


    I used to work in one of the Telecom Business Hubs in Auckland before I decided to head over to London and when we used to port numbers over from other networks, sometimes I would be on the phone with one of my customers and get cut off because their number had ported over already. There is actually a 3rd party that sits in the middle of all the networks that controls all the porting.

    On a side note, I am really glad to see that Telecom has iPhones now. I had my iPhone 4 on XT and it worked significantly better than it did on VF and would always encourage my customers to try it out and see the speed increase for themselves.

    On a more negative side note though, after being in London for almost 5 months, I can really see how as a country, we get raped and pillaged with network charges. I pay £35 pm with a free iPhone 4 which gives me all you can eat data, calls and texts – I don’t know if I could ever go back to paying the rates that we pay in NZ after being here…

    (clintriley has made 1 comment)

  8. camtab says:

    Seems that Telecom did a GREAT job with the launch and after hearing that they werent sold out, I am a little gutted I pre-ordered now. Made even more so by fact that Telecom have disconnected my old “prepaid” sim to liven the new Iphone 4S sim, before I even have the phone ;( ..I am not the only one this has happened to either so small blemish on the success. If I get the iphone tomorrow (Saturday) then I will let them away with it but it seems a rookie error given they know I am an existing customer from the order form so why transfer the number across before I have the sim (they know I need my number). Will report back if the phone arrives tomorrow….

    (camtab has made 480 comments)

  9. metroplis says:

    @Camtab Same story with me as well, XT user for more than 2 years spending more than $100 per month, pre-ordered new 4S on first day of presales. Saturday morning still no 4S and they’ve disconnected my old phone. Could have picked up new phone in local store yesterday, so peeved with Telecom now.

    (metroplis has made 8 comments)

  10. jb2610 says:

    I know this is a little off topic but does anyone know why I can’t download my Xtra emails onto my iPad2 when my new iPhone 4S is turned on? Error message is “Cannot get mail. the account Xtra is in use on another device”. If I turn the phone off then I can get the emails on the iPad but when I turn the ph back on the situation is reversed and now the ph comes up with the error message!! (Confused…… Hell yes!)

    (jb2610 has made 5 comments)

  11. Mak says:

    Caved to the pressure, got me a 16GB 4S. I’m genuinely enjoying it though, it’s like a whole new experience when things run smoothly.

    (Mak has made 222 comments)

  12. @Marvin_nz says:

    seems telecom made a few mistakes , disconnected my partners sim 18 hours early and they sent the wrong colour phone ( sent a white on was ment to be black ) . waiting for 123 to see what they are going to do for us , credit wise . will report back what they say . as a staff member told me this should not have happened and they will talk to the powers and see what they can do for us

    (@Marvin_nz has made 26 comments)

  13. Mak says:

    It seems as though whenever their tracker said the phone was delivered, they lodged the SIM change. Which is really stupid of them, they should have forced the recipients to call a CSR to lodge the change. They’ve done well overall, but yeah those small things that weren’t thought through properly.

    (Mak has made 222 comments)

  14. @Marvin_nz says:

    @ Mak: funny thing was that the sim package did have that on it please call us when ready to go… they really made a mistake there..

    (@Marvin_nz has made 26 comments)

  15. camtab says:

    @ @Marvin_nz: Yeah mine had that sticker as well..I was thinking “oh no way..you disconnect my old SIM early and now you are telling me I need to call 123 to make this one go”..but it was already going so small win there. Love the new iPhone (hence my delay in checking back in here). Siri working awesomely with only the smallest of “issues” being that ‘she’ doesn’t understand me when I say send or end or N sounding words….keeps thinking I am saying IN. Must be my kuwi accent haha

    (camtab has made 480 comments)

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