Grab our new iPhone app and donate to the NZ Red Cross Earthquake Appeal

Our new app

We have just launched our second iPhone app in the App Store, which provides feeds from our site and iPhone settings for every NZ carrier, among other things. We are charging for this app so that we can give something back to the people of Christchurch following Tuesday’s deadly quake. The App is priced at $2.59 until the end of March and all proceeds from our cut of the sales will go to the NZ Red Cross (30% will still go to Apple, which we cannot avoid). Why not download it now to give to the Canterbury Earthquake Appeal.

Remember you are not paying for the app itself, you are paying to donate to the NZ Red Cross.

We’ve called the app ‘iPnz News and Carriers Settings’ and it lets you read the latest news, comments and forum posts (in feed format) from the site and also helps you set-up your device for your network of choice in New Zealand.

News, Forum, Comments, YouTube and Twitter Feeds are available as well as the ability to view stories on the mobile site for iPhonewzealand.

The app replaces the old ‘NZ Carriers’ app (the one with the blue icon) which is no longer available on the store. Instead, as mentioned, the NZ Carrier Settings are now included in this app and as the settings are stored locally will always be available on your device so long as you have the app installed.

Oh and yes, we know it’s not Retina enhanced. We’re not coders, but we wanted to get an app out there to help solve the carrier settings problem as well as provide an alternative way to access our content from your iPhone, so the app was built with AppMakr which doesn’t currently offer the ability to include Retina images. We hope you’ll forgive us!

If for no other reason than to make a donation to the Red Cross, please download the app now.

App Store – iPnz News and Carrier Settings.

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  1. camtab says:

    Sam as they said “all proceeds from our cut of the sales will go to the NZ Red Cross (30% will still go to Apple, which we cannot avoid).” so they are giving all they receive to the Red Cross…. That’s excellent and well above and beyond expectations. They don’t need to top up the other 30%… Well done guys!!

    (camtab has made 480 comments)

  2. camtab says:

    Ps app bought.

    (camtab has made 480 comments)

  3. Sam Jarman says:

    Hey will you guys be adding the 30% that Apple takes?


    Really nice app guys, I’ll have to check out AppMakr. Where has NZ essentials and Local Devs gone?

    (Sam Jarman has made 3 comments)

  4. Steve Lawrence says:

    Hi Sam. Camtab answered the bit about the extra 30%, but in answer to your query about the nz essentials bit, we will be running both apps as two separate offerings. We may look at combining them in the future if it makes sense to do so.

    (Steve Lawrence has made 648 comments)

  5. Matt. says:

    Nice app guys, and funds going to a very worthy cause, good stuff.

    (Matt. has made 37 comments)

  6. MrGanye says:

    Awesome app & great idea for raising funds

    (MrGanye has made 9 comments)

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