iPad + Parrot A.R Drone used to explore earthquake-ruined Catholic Cathedral

Ready for action

It’s a pretty amazing sign of the times when Opus engineers working on Christchurch’s quake-stricken Catholic Cathedral are able to buy an off-the-shelf iPad coupled with a $500 accessory from Dick Smith to carry out work that, in the past, would have required a massive investment in specialised equipment. An iPad, coupled with a Parrot A.R Drone has been used to fly inside and capture video footage of the interior of the Cathedral which is too dangerous for the engineers to enter themselves. Check out the footage over at the 3News website.

Thanks nz_Ark for spotting this one over in the forums

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  1. leStar says:

    Opus have been early adopters for a while now. When I worked for them 11years ago we bought a 0.3Mp digital camera with a floppy disk drive in it. 5 pictures and your disk was full!! Also it was difficult to work out what you’d taken a photo of once you got back to the office. Oh how things have progressed in a decade.

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  2. p.a.i.d says:

    thanks – i saw that last night and thought i’d have to kill an hour looking for it online :)

    (p.a.i.d has made 8 comments)

  3. nz_Ark says:

    Being involved in the engineering side of the earthquake recovery process I have met with many persons from many organisations in both the public and private sector… From what I have seen the iPad is not just becoming standard equipment – but already IS. Government ministried (in particular the Department Of Building & Housing) folk, NZ Earthquake Commission folk, CERA folk and consultant engineering firms have adopted iPads in a big way.
    I myself have used my iPad 2 for work purposes and it has even been out among the ruined building within the inner red zone cordon!

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