iTunes Match available now, maybe?? – $39.99 per year [updated: looking like a mistake]

iTunes Match - $39.99

As reported on a number of other international sites today iTunes Match (the service that makes your entire iTunes music library available in the cloud) has been coming on and offline for most of the day for countries outside the U.S.

We have just taken a look ourselves and it would appear that whilst it is accessible to New Zealand we may be having the same issues as well. It’s possible that it going live is just a mistake or it could be that the servers are getting hammered. Either way at the moment even though we get a confirmation email to say we have subscribed it is erroring and asking us to sign out and in again. Once you have done that and you go back to your account it does say that you have a subscription and it will expire in a years time, but as yet I cannot get to the iTunes Match tab to actually use the service.

It could be possible that I’ll get a refund in a few days, or it could be that suddenly iTunes Match will appear, who knows.

If you want to try it for yourself click on your account name on the top right of iTunes and you will see a “Learn More” button next to iTunes Match. Once you click that you will be taken to the screen above to make your purchase.

Learn More

As you can see it will set you back $39.99 for the year to be able to access all your music in pristine 256kpbs, whether you purchased it via iTunes or not, on all of your devices. Worth it? we’ll see.

Let us know how you got on in the comments below and whether you think this is a worthwhile service.

If you have gone to your account and still can’t see it here is the direct link to open the page in iTunes.


UPDATE: It looks like this was a mistake after all. As of this morning, iTunes Match appears to have disappeared as an option for New Zealand accounts and MacRumors are reporting that Apple are now refunding those who have made purchases outside of the US and Brazil which remain the only two territories where the service is officially available. It’s still unclear as to whether refunds will be automated but if you’ve made a purchase we’d suggest getting in touch with iTunes Support to request one.

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  1. chiefie says:

    I sure hope iTunes Match is available in NZ. Don’t look too bad for NZ$39.99 a year. That’s about NZ$0.80 per week!

    (chiefie has made 23 comments)

  2. myopinion says:

    Haha that’s great, not. Signed in purchased it, took my money and it don’t work. Well I guess I’ll be asking for a refund.

    (myopinion has made 63 comments)

  3. barthian says:

    Same here. I’m hoping they fix it soon. Rather that than get a refund, as I think $39.99 is a great price.

    (barthian has made 4 comments)

  4. Jono Hayes says:

    good to see its not working for everyone in here as well…! has anyone had any luck on iOS?

    (Jono Hayes has made 11 comments)

  5. corksta says:

    For me there’s nothing there at all – I get the standard ‘Manage Devices’ and ‘Hidden Purchases’, and that’s it.

    (corksta has made 29 comments)

  6. Curly says:

    iTunes Match is working now on my iTunes account, just registered and got working, so will see what happens ah.

    (Curly has made 25 comments)

  7. zkarj says:

    Nothing showing for me either.

    (zkarj has made 48 comments)

  8. kiwiadventure says:

    You’ll have to up load all your odd kiwi songs and other music apple does not have in icloud. It took 3 days to up load all my 3500 songs to apple in the clouds.

    (kiwiadventure has made 66 comments)

  9. Steve Lawrence says:

    @ kiwiadventure:
    Was that using a US account? I can see how you’d have to upload a lot of them using iTunes Match US as most of those songs wouldn’t be available to purchase in the US store but it may well be different with the NZ service (when it goes live) as many of those “odd kiwi songs” are available to purchase in the NZ iTunes store so will result in a match and no need to upload.

    (Steve Lawrence has made 648 comments)

  10. myopinion says:

    OK I’ve contacted Apple and I can confirm they made a mistake:

    Greetings from the iTunes Store Customer Support. I am Rajeev and I am glad to assist you.

    I understand that you purchased iTunes Match but you are unable to use it. I realize your concern and I’ll be happy to provide the necessary information.

    Nick, please note that iTunes Match is currently available only in the US and Brazil. Since you have a New Zealand iTunes Store account, you won’t be able to use iTunes Match. Due to an issue with iTunes Store, you are able to purchase iTunes Match even though you are outside of those two countries.

    After reviewing the circumstances of your case, I have issued a full refund for your iTunes Match purchase. In five to seven business days, a credit of 39.99 NZD should be posted to the credit card that appears on the latest receipt for the subscription.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you for being an iTunes Store customer.

    (myopinion has made 63 comments)

  11. WaterGoblin says:

    I subscribed last night, initially it wasn’t working for me, but have just opened iTunes up again now and iTunes Match appears in the sidebar, and it is currently doing Step 1 of 3, Gathering information about my iTunes library. Looks promising

    (WaterGoblin has made 24 comments)

  12. WaterGoblin says:

    Yep, now I just need to bring my computer into work to use the VDSL 10Mbps upload!

    (WaterGoblin has made 24 comments)

  13. myopinion says:

    This is bizarre just started working for me as well…and they are going to give me a credit. Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get this for free :)

    (myopinion has made 63 comments)

  14. zkarj says:

    It’s here properly now. Seems to be working. Takes a while though.

    (zkarj has made 48 comments)

  15. suburban_ennui says:

    Meh. Library too big at 42,207 songs. (And before I get accused to copyright infringement, 99% of those are from the CD collection I’ve been amassing for the last 18 years.)

    (suburban_ennui has made 76 comments)

  16. dbplumb says:

    suburban_ennui wrote:

    Meh. Library too big at 42,207 songs. (And before I get accused to copyright infringement, 99% of those are from the CD collection I’ve been amassing for the last 18 years.)

    Yes me too, approaching 48000 with not all of my Legal CD collection yet in Itunes.
    You may find this interesting,helpful
    A couple of the comments give other interesting suggestions for managing our larger libraries

    (dbplumb has made 10 comments)

  17. dbplumb says:

    The servers must be getting a hammering tho cos I bought a new 4s for my wife for xmas (and my sanity – she did not enjoy her android) and it took two days before I could enable Icloud.
    “sorry due to overuse Icloud is not accepting new accounts at the moment” (or words to that effect, I didnt write them down)

    (dbplumb has made 10 comments)

  18. OHSRAS says:

    Argh….. lift the 25,000 limit Apple.. I have read about how to get around it, but with a library of over 40,000 tracks its too much drama…

    (OHSRAS has made 5 comments)

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