iTunes Match available now – no really it is! Still $39.99 per year

iTunes Match now active (image via Macrumors)

Ok so this time it’s for real… After yesterday’s shenanigans iTunes Match has gone live and is available to New Zealand as of right now. We’ve received confirmation from a number of users saying they have been succesful and have also confirmed it ourselves.

UPDATE: And now, to mitigate any concerns that this may be another mistake, we’ve had confirmation from Apple that the service is now officially available:

iTunes Match is available in New Zealand. You can subscribe for NZD$39.99 per year.

I signed up yesterday and didn’t get a refund so there wasn’t anything for me to do… I didn’t even have to accept a new terms of use. When you open iTunes, click on the iTunes Match link in the left navigation bar and then click add this computer. From there it will do it’s thing of Gathering, Matching and Uploading.

If you haven’t signed up or you got a refund from yesterday then you will need to subscribe for $39.99 as per yesterday’s post.

Let us know how you get on in the comments below.

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  1. Tonzey says:

    Matching now… little excited :-)

    (Tonzey has made 5 comments)

  2. Lansing says:

    yip it is working for me fine. I was wondering how much internet it would use on daily basis?

    (Lansing has made 18 comments)

  3. corksta says:

    Works for me as well!

    (corksta has made 29 comments)

  4. barthian says:

    Almost all my songs, 7816, are now in the cloud, and they are all showing on my iPhone and iPad. Streaming just takes a couple of seconds, or I can download any song. I think it’s fantastic. All songs not on my device have a cloud icon beside them. Great service that I’ll be making a lot of use of.

    (barthian has made 4 comments)

  5. corksta says:

    Yes it is good. The only frustrating thing I’m finding is that I have a few songs that are definitely in the store, meet the criteria for matching, the metadata looks good, but they arent being matched!

    (corksta has made 29 comments)

  6. Morgan says:

    It matched 1756 songs out of 11484… my music taste is not that obscure, the vast majority of the unmatched songs exist on the store. There is not one album in my entire collection where it matched every song, most have 2-3 songs matched at best. Have I just wasted $40?

    (Morgan has made 2 comments)

  7. kiwiadventure says:

    Once Apple changes iCloud to 24 bit music next year then it will be great.

    (kiwiadventure has made 66 comments)

  8. aidanhill says:

    Seems to be unavailable at present when I tried to sign up.

    (aidanhill has made 21 comments)

  9. Subject22 says:

    Same here.

    New Subscriptions are currently unavailable.

    iTunes Match is temporarily not accepting new subscribers. Check back later.

    (Subject22 has made 5 comments)

  10. Subject22 says:

    Oh and iTunes match still isn’t listed on Apple’s NZ iTunes page.

    (Subject22 has made 5 comments)

  11. Subject22 says:

    Appears to be back up and running again, for me at least.

    (Subject22 has made 5 comments)

  12. dbplumb says:

    @ barthian:
    How long did this take?
    is there a limit to how many songs you can have and does it tie up your bandwidth much cos I have 47915 items in my Itunes and other things to do with my pc

    (dbplumb has made 10 comments)

  13. Tordne says:

    I was hoping that you’d be able to download the digital originals (i.e. not ripped from CD’s) into iTunes as well. I don’t see that anywhere obvious, does anyone know if that’s possible at all?

    (Tordne has made 12 comments)

  14. an@rchos says:

    @ dbplumb:

    The limit is 25,000 songs.

    (an@rchos has made 15 comments)

  15. an@rchos says:

    Add-on to my comment above – 25,000 songs EXCLUDING the ones you bought via iTunes.

    (an@rchos has made 15 comments)

  16. Ness.Monster says:

    How long did it take for the matching?
    Mine has been busy for 4 days now, if it is only matching to what is in the library, surely it should not take this long, I can understand the last step copying non matched songs taking a while

    (Ness.Monster has made 5 comments)

  17. kiwiadventure says:

    It took 4 days to upload 3,500 songs which were not in Apples liberary for me.

    (kiwiadventure has made 66 comments)

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