Leading kiwi developers offering their time for free for one day only

Bring something to life!

Do you have a burning idea for an app but no coding skills to turn it into reality? Well, this could be your big opportunity. Leading kiwi developers Carnival Labs, who have worked with some of the world’s leading brands including Dreamworks, Intel, Air New Zealand and the New Zealand Herald, are running a competition where you could win their time for a day, during which they will turn your app idea into the real deal.

All you need to do is let Carnival Labs know what you want to do (the full details are set out in the press release below) and their panel of judges will decide the best one. The winner will win the source code and will even be able to upload it to the App Store. Entries close 20/12 so get your thinking hats on and keep reading for the full press release.


Dream up a monster idea and they’ll bring it to life

[WELLINGTON, New Zealand, 15th December, 2011] In association with Santa Claus and Dr. Frankenstein, brand-mobilizing experts Carnival Labs, who have worked with Kraft Foods, DreamWorks and Intel, are giving away their whole company for an entire day, to build one lucky winner’s dream app.
CarnivalLabs are challenging their followers to an outrageous CarnivalChristmas competition where the best submitted app idea will be conjured into a custom mobile application in one day. Just follow them on Twitter, retweet, and describe your great idea in only 300 characters, and you could win the app of your dreams!
Carnival Labs co-founder Guy Horrocks explains,  “We’ve had a crazy last two years creating almost 100 custom apps for the world’s largest brands, and now we’re going to make one lucky follower’s app dreams come true. Our New Zealand team of lion tamers, off-the-wall designers, mad scientists and coding monkeys are all set for this wild one-day challenge. You win, you keep your own app!”

Describing a great idea in only 300 characters is no mean feat for anyone who dares enter. And with device fragmentation, potential back-ends, custom graphics and a mere mortal rotation of the Earth, this is a challenge even Houdini wouldn’t take on.

“But we’ll lock ourselves in a padded room for one day with only iPhones, Androids, laptops and candy canes, and create an app so monstrously awesome, even Doc Frankenstein would be proud. Throw down your best ideas – we’ll take up the challenge and bring the best one to life.
To choose the best idea, Carnival has assembled a rock-star judging panel that rivals even Captain America and the Avengers! Take one senior Mac Developer from Skype, one President of Digital for Lionsgate Films, one Senior Editor from WIRED magazine, a New Zealand Mac Expert and even the beautiful witty FormerMissOhio, and you have a recipe for something truly magical!
But it’s not just innovators who’ll win in this contest. Five lucky re-tweeters will bag NZ$25 in iTunes vouchers too – it’s Christmas after all!
To Win the World’s Best App Team for a Day, just follow @CarnivalLabs on Twitter, retweet a #carnivalxmas post and submit your app idea. You can do all of this from their contest website.
The competition will run for 6 days, from 9am GMT+13 on Thu 15th Dec til 9am GMT+13 on Wed 21st Dec. Winners will be announced after Wed 21st Dec, and our Grand Prize Winner will have his or her app idea developed by Carnival Labs in the early New Year.
Q1: How do I enter?
A1: Just follow us on Twitter, retweet us (any post with hashtag #carnivalxmas) and send us your app idea via our webform in 300 characters or less.

Q2: How long do I have to enter?
A2: You have just 6 days, from 9am NZ time on Thu 15th Dec til 9am NZ time on Wed 21st Dec. And we plan to announce a winner that same week.

Q3: Who can enter?
A3: We imagine that the prize will appeal to marketers or small business owners who want an app to help promote their wares. But anyone can get involved – suggest an app for your own rock band, sports team or charity. And even hobby developers can set us a cool challenge, and keep the final source code and visual assets too.

We do all our own design and art work as well, so the competition is also a great way of bringing your app idea to life with some custom graphics!

Q4: I want to enter, but does it matter where I’m based?
A4: No! Carnival Labs pride themselves on working with international clients to deliver great quality apps. As long as you have access to the likes of email, Twitter, phone and/or Skype, then we can do the rest.

Q5: Can I really get my app built in one day?
A5: We’re experts at working quickly, and the entire team is prepared to build the winning app idea in the early New Year. Together, we’ll develop the idea to design and scale something achievable in one day. We’ll run a phone consultation with the winner beforehand too, to nail down some key aspects before we get to work.

Q6: Is this just a way for Carnival Labs to farm a bunch of great ideas from other people..?
A6: Not at all. This is a genuine prize for anyone to win the resources of a world-class company to design and build her/his app. The winner, and all entrants, will retain the ownership rights to any and all ideas they submit.

Q7: On what types of devices will my app run?
A7: Carnival Labs builds apps primarily for iPhone/iPad, Android phones and tablets, and mobile web. We suggest that the winner chooses one device (platform) to focus on, to maximise the quality of the final product.

Q8: Will my app be launched on the Apple AppStore, Android Market or Amazon App Store?
A8: If the winner chooses, she/he can request for the app to be posted on a store, using her/his own account. The decision to range it is not ours, so no promises, but we’ll do all we can to guide you through the process and give the app the best chance of being accepted.

What do you think of this competition? Will you be entering? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Plamsaglows says:

    I always thought an app along the lines of AA Roadwatch would be awesome. A user could set a route just like in the maps app and be informed of any closures along the way. Maybe even throw in push notification if something changes while en route.

    I imagine this would require an API from AA or NZTA for roads info

    (Plamsaglows has made 52 comments)

  2. georgedavis says:

    With at least four operating systems and a lot of possible consumers, app developers are confronted with a variety of options for distributing their program. Current stats say that “freemium” games will get the most buzz, even though paid applications are the most well-liked. With lots of apps available, it will probably reach the most popular list. And to get into that most popular list, it just needs atleast a few hundred downloads. Resource for this article: Statistics say that Freemium apps may be the best buzz-generator .

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