Winnie the Pooh goes MIA from NZ iBookstore, demands money from other territories

Empty shelves...

Ever-since the launch of iBooks, Winnie the Pooh by AA Milne has been supplied for free as a pre-installed starter title to show you what iBooks can do, complete with the original colour illustrations from the original publication. But following a comment from user Chiefie saying that he was unable to track it down, I went snooping through the minuscule NZ iBookstore expecting to find it easily and put him out of his misery. However, just as Chiefie had said, it was nowhere to be found.

Thinking it was probably just a glitch, I switched to my UK account and found that the title is no longer free in that territory, but £5.99! Obviously the agreement between Apple and Pooh’s publisher to provide this book at no charge has come to an end, and with no agreements in place to actually sell content via the NZ iBookstore this would explain its sudden absence here. But why? My bet is that the imminent release of Disney’s new Winnie the Pooh movie has the publisher hoping that renewed interest in all things Pooh will make them some money. What do you think?

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  1. bobinrob says:

    Winnie-the-Pooh is still in my iBooks Library.

    (bobinrob has made 1 comment)

  2. Daniel Burgess says:

    If you previously downloaded it then it will be in your Library. We’re saying it has gone from the ‘Store’.

    (Daniel Burgess has made 613 comments)

  3. bill_hunter says:

    Not to beat a dead horse, but is there any word lately as to when we will be able to actually ‘BUY’ books from the iBookstore (like the rest of the modern world). This is the one thing holding me back from buying an iPad (need to sell the Mrs.’s on it).



    (bill_hunter has made 2 comments)

  4. Steve Lawrence says:

    No, not yet Bill – but don’t forget you can buy and read books via the Whitcoulls and Kindle apps, or you can import your own ePub or PDF files to iBooks and read those, so although the NZ iBookstore isn’t open for business yet you still have access to several very well stocked stores and can read just about any book available so don’t let that be a barrier.

  5. nz_Ark says:

    You can also borrow e-Books from libraries. I cannot comment on country-wide coverage but in my home city of Christchurch our library boasts a really good collection of contemporary subject matter.

    The delivery platform that the library uses (Overdrive) is compatible with iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. I have borrowed many books for use and the process is simple and easy.

    (nz_Ark has made 56 comments)

  6. nz_Ark says:

    bill_hunter wrote:

    … able to actually ‘BUY’ books from the iBookstore (like the rest of the modern world). This is the one thing holding me back from buying an iPad (need to sell the Mrs.’s on it).

    Reading books on my iPad is one of my greatest pleasures at the moment. Stanza is my e-Reader App of choice (personally I don’t find iBooks to be of any value at all as it lacks so many basic features you need in an e-Reader – for example the ability to make it easier on your eyes by having a black background with a grey or white text) and the iPad/Stanza combo beats the Kobo e-reader I used prior to that and the Sony e-Reader I borrowed to trial.

    Weight could be an issue for some but I prefer to read in bed with it propped against something (like a pillow or sleeping wife!) and it’s no issue for me. Holding it one handed in sitting position could be a different story though I guess!

    There are many many overseas providers where you can obtain e-books – the only catch is due to the weird distribution rights system that the sale of books seems to work under you generally need to register on these sites with an overseas address.

    In the year or so I’ve been buying e-Books I predominantly use and supplied a fake (made up) US address as part of my registration details when I joined. Since I am simply purchasing online for download (as opposed to delivery to a street mailbox) it has not made a scrap of difference.

    I have purchased over 20 items from this site and to give you an example – I recently purchased the latest book by one of my favourite authours, Clive Cussler, for US $6 (which appeared on my Mastercard statement at about $8 and some cents). In the local shops to physically buy the book it was $44.95 at Whitcoulls or $39.95 at The Warehouse.
    This makes it rather obvious why buying (legally too!) eBooks online is such an attractive option.

    The one downside is you do have to get to grips with the DRM side of things and may need other softwares such as Adobe Digital Editions as an intermediate software between your downloaded file and your device.

    I summary, the lack of availability of the iBookstore in New Zealand should not preclude the purchase of an iPad.

    (nz_Ark has made 56 comments)

  7. bill_hunter says:

    I don’t know if anyones has paid much attention to this or not but does anyone else think its weird that you can purchase audiobooks on itunes NZ but not ebooks. I would have thought that the licensing would have been the same. Very strange.

    (bill_hunter has made 2 comments)

  8. Chris says:

    You can make a US amazon ebook account and an NZ account. Use your NZ credit card to buy gift vouchers for your US account. You can use vouchers on a US Amazon account without a US credit card.

    (Chris has made 73 comments)

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