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Even AirPlay is Apparently Getting an Upgrade

So, we have the September 12th Apple Event coming up very soon, and there’s been mass speculation about all these wonderful technology updates that Apple has been so vigorously working on. Apparently. We have the ever-so-spectacular iPhone 5 – what a suprise that’ll be… There’s something about the iPad Mini, that no one really seems to want to buy. And now, we have a change to our current AirPlay, where we no longer need to use Wi-Fi to connect all our devices together. According to the know-it-alls that’re familiar with Apple’s plans, all that we will need is an iDevice, and compatible audio equipment. This allows us to stream our music even more ‘wirelessly’. Except, the technology that allows this to happen is the same technology that is required to connect to Wi-Fi. Essentially, both the iDevice and the audio equipment need to be Wi-Fi compatible, you just no longer need the Wi-Fi network. Honestly, I don’t really see how useful this is going to be to anyone. I mean, practically everyone has Wi-Fi in their homes, now. And, sure, if you have portable speakers, you can take them outside your home to listen to them wirelessly, but that’s the same with Bluetooth, which has been mainstream for quite some time now. I’d expect it to be easier to find Bluetooth compatible speakers than Wi-Fi ones. Good on Apple, though, for having another shot at customer satisfaction. To be fair, they are running out of things to come up with – they practically already have everything else under their belt.

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iPad Apps for the Older Generation

Mobile technology had always been thought of as something that young people use, but in recent times, it’s not uncommon for a grandparent to be able to send a 100 word text message, or find their favourite documentary on the internet. Recently, my mother had decided that, as an extensive traveller, she needed an iPad. So, of course, began the extensive tutorials on what finger movement does what, and why you need to occasionally double-tap the home button. She’s practically a natural now But, of course, there needs to be things for her to actually do on it. Besides standard apps such as Facebook and Skype, I browsed the app store for whatever I could use to pimp her iPad. Here’s what I came up with: Google Earth Yeah, we all know this one. We’ve all spent countless hours spinning the globe, zooming in on random countries and streets, and even stalking down those random friend-requests on Facebook. As I said earlier, mum travels a lot, so this is pretty useful for her. Epicurious Such an amazing app, that even I decided to get it for myself. Essentially, this is a giant cookbook. You can search for whatever recipe you want, along with browsing categories by ingredient, time of day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert), and even the style of cuisine. Not only that, but it includes a shopping list, to help ensure that you don’t miss out on that key ingredient. Even though I still always manage to forget something. iBooks Just the standard eBooks app, compatible with the books from the App Store. She doesn’t use this too much, as she already has an eBook Reader, but it’s still handy for anyone else with an iPad. And, of course, there’s the Kindle App, that allows access to an even wider range of books. The Weather Channel I prefer this to the native weather app, as, I feel, it looks a lot nicer, and is plenty more easy to navigate. You can add locations by zip code, or just let it discover your location. It displays the weather for a consecutive 10 days, and can break the weather down into hours when you tap on a day’s forecast. Silver Surf Last but not least, we have a web-browser that has been specifically designed for the oldies. The interface is VERY basic, and I know that I can’t bare to look at … Continue reading

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Speak Like A Pro App Review: Public Speaking Made Easy

Speak Like a Pro is an App made by New Zealand developers Sush Mobile along with 3CIPS. Speak Like a Pro is available on iPhone, Ipod and iPad. This is a great App for anyone who needs a bit of practice or improvement when it comes to public speaking or doing presentations. The App has recordings of four experts speaking, the user is then asked to read the speech. After the user has spoken, the app then analyses the speech and gives feedback as well as a percentage mark. Sush Mobile and 3CIPS worked closely with some of the best public speakers around including Gabrielle Rogers and Gerry Sont. The result is a very professional and well developed application. Many people have herd of toastmasters, according to idealog this app is “toastmasters 2.0″. The idealog post talks to Sush Mobile’s managing director Sulabh Sharma. “It’s no longer enough for mobile apps to be gimmicky or just reproductions of websites. Users are demanding apps that improve their lives and businesses” This locally made app looks great, although it is missing something. The hardest thing about public speaking is the fact that you have to speak in front of people! This app is fantastic for people to get those professional tips and to tidy up their speaking techniques but at the end of the day, if you need help speaking in front of people. Go and speak in front of people. ‘Speak Like a Pro’ costs $1.29 from the App store, there are some exciting new updates coming with some handy features.

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Facebook iOS App Finally Speeds up

The official Facebook iOS app for iPod, iPhone and iPad has always been painfully slow, especially when connected to WiFi. The last thing you need when killing time on Facebook is for it to be sluggish. At last, it has been improved. A recent update from Facebook has finally fixed this problem, of course there is a few other extra updates and changes but this is the largest. I am sure most of you Apple device users out there use Facebook on a fairly regular basis, I certainly do. The Facebook App has always been very slow to do the most basic functions, many people use other ‘unofficial’ apps for Facebook like MyPad as a result. I am not sure why it has taken Facebook so long but I am sure they would have received a lot of negative feedback about the original App. In my last post, I mentioned that Facebook has been sliding downwards on the sharemarket. Perhaps this update is an atempt to restore their reliable reputation and raise their share value. I predict a slight increase in Facebook shares over the next few weeks. The other visible adjustment that has been made can be seen in this screen shot from TUAW. The amount of new stories updates live as you scroll through. Clicking on the banner will take you right up to the first new story. This new update is the biggest from Facebook since the introduction of the Timeline feature. In my opinion it will make Facebook on an iOS device a lot more enjoyable for all users, and it will certainly have positive effects for the company.

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Apple Hits New High

Apple is now worth over US$620.58billion, which was the previous record for the most valuable public company set by Microsoft in 1999 according to Stuff. This makes Apple the most valuable public company of all time, Apple shares have risen by 8% this month ahead of the potential release of the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini in September. However, Edward Krudy stated in his article that this “did not take into account the impact of inflation”. There is obviously a lot of differences in the market today compared to 1999 when Microsoft was at the top of the technology world. Do you think Apple deserves the title? According to Krudy, Microsoft’s value would rise up to $853.7 billion if inflation is taken into account. This is over $200 billion more than Apple today. Looks like Apple might have a few more iPhones to sell if they want to be the ‘true’ champion. Apples share prices continue to rise at a fairly rapid rate, so far in 2012 they have increased by 64%. The following is from ComputerWorld regarding Apple setting another record. “At Monday’s market close, Apple’s share was up $17 per share for the day, an increase of 2.6%, setting yet another record” In comparison, Facebook was at US$40 in May this year and is now sitting around US$20. A full graph of Facebook’s slide on the share market can be seen here. There is no doubt that Apple has been dominant in the technology sector recently, the share prices will continue to rise into September but will they continue to rise after the new products release? If the iPhone 5 or iPad Mini does not come out, im sure the share prices will drop.

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Apple Scrambles to Acquire AuthenTec Technology

$27.5 million has already been paid upfront, just as part of negotiations, and a $356 million offer has been placed by Apple to acquire the entire AuthenTec company, with plans to incorporate the technology into their iOS devices. AuthenTec are a leading provider of mobile security, embedding fingerprint scanning technology into almost any portable device available. I’m assuming that this would replace the lock system that is currently on the iOS devices. Except that this isn’t the reason that Apple are so urgent to get their hands on the scanners. The new “Smart Scanner” acts as a sophisticated touch pad controller. The sensor is just 13.3mm wide and 3mm high, extruding from the device by 1.3mm. In addition to being a security feature, and a touch pad, the Smart Scanner can also be used as a personalization tool, being capable of various different functions that act upon the use of different fingers. You could use your index finger to open a particular app, or your ring finger to call a particular contact – this type of technology could possibly replace the home button altogether. There are concerns, though, that this would be replacing the touch screen. I feel that it would only enhance it, with higher precision text-editing and easier video scrubbing. The idea of a new, personalized home button is quite exciting to me, and I personally hope that this deal goes through. If not, then perhaps I’ll consider getting one installed by the company personally. I can’t really see the downside to this product. Does anyone just see this being a hassle? I’d like to know what you guys think about this one.

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The iTunes Festival is Back

Looking for something to fill all that free time that the Olympics has left you? Tune in to the iTunes Festival 2012 on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or iTunes account. Apple have recently updated the App with the complete lineup, there are some huge names including; One Direction, Norah Jones, Ed Sheeran, Usher and plenty more. The Festival runs for the entire month of September. The complete line-up can be viewed here. There are still some supporting acts to be named but all of the headline acts are finalised. You can watch this amazing music festival on your computer though iTunes or on the go with an iPad or iPhone. Another great way to view these big acts is via Apple TV, either straight from the main page or through Airplay. If your in London, the tickets are free! You just need to register online and hope you get balloted some tickets. This festival is massive and is basically Apple saying thankyou to all their loyal customers and fans, there is no Android App. You must be able to access iTunes or an Apple device to view the shows. This is the third year the festival has been running, check it all out on the free App available on iTunes.

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