My Top Sports Apps For iPhone

Sports Equipment on White


Kiwis have a huge passion for sport and it is a massive part of my life so I thought I would share my favourite and most important sports apps. To be honest I’m not sure why I have not written about this before.

There are some seriously cool sports apps out there for iPhone, I am going to focus on the ones which I enjoy the most.

Carry on reading to see which ones I have picked!…

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New Zealands Got Talent, on Your iPhone

NZGT app

In case you have not realised, New Zealands Got Talent has been on TV for a few weeks now. The talent has been a bit up and down but you can now join in on your iPhone.

The New Zealand talent may not make you go crazy but this app might get you into it.

TVNZ has recently brought out an app for voting and to provide live feedback on each act.

The competition is into the semi final stage so voting is now very important.

You do have to purchase bundles of votes via iTunes but the live feedback is free. The Swing-O-Meter allows viewers to give their opinion during each act by clicking a tick or a cross.NZGT Swing o Meter

So if you have a friend or family member on the show, this is a pretty cool way to give them support.

As well as voting and giving feedback, you can checkout highlights, learn about the contestants and keep up to date with social media and competitions.

Personally, NZGT has been a bit of a let down. But this app seems to be very well done, it certainly will get a few more people involved.

Perhaps the app developers should have entered the competition.

The app is free and you can check out the app on iTunes here

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Guess Who Won the Otago App Competition!


Recently, Otago innovation Ltd (part of Otago university) held the event called ‘Appstar’, an app idea competition. The competition was so people with a great idea for a smart phone app could enter it online and the top 5 would battle it out live, dragons den style.

Each finalist had five minutes to present their app idea to a panel of judges and the audience. The winner received $20,000 towards the development of the app and a cut of the profits.

Overall, there were 108 entries, including a last minute ‘oh why not’ entry from me.

Carry on reading to see who won!…

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How Much is Your iPhone Costing You to Charge?

iPhone 5

The battery on the iPhone has always been a hotly discussed topic, and something that iPhone critics constantly bring up. A friend of mine said to me a while ago “it must cost you a fortune to charge it all the time”. Well to anyone else in my boat, here is your chance to get one up.

A recent study done by Opower gives an insight into how much we are paying to charge our iPhone annually. The results are very positive for those of us who stand on the Apple side of the Apple vs Samsung battle. Read on to see the results.…

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Apple Heading the Wrong Way

A few weeks ago, I was talking about Apple Inc smashing all the records on the stock market. However, I am sure they were not expecting their shares to go down after the launch of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5.

Ok, so there’s been a few issues with iOS, mainly maps. But when i took this screen shot last week I was a bit shocked.
Apple Inc
After the overnight release of the iPhone 5 to 22 more countries including New Zealand it……

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Slow Start Down South For iPhone 5

Ok so we know all the action tonight is happening in Wellington and mainly Auckland tonight ahead of the iPhone 5 release, but dont forget the Dunedin Vodafone store is also open at 12.01am.

I just went down for a wee look and, well I will let this picture show you how crazy things are down here.

Dunedin iPhone 5 Line

Yes, thats right, there is absolutely no one lining up and it is 9pm. This is either a very smart ploy by the locals in which everyone will line up late to minimise waiting OR no body wants to get sick waiting in the cold.

Perhaps it was a smart option for Telecom Dunedin to wait until 9am to open for sales?

Im sure the local Dunedin Apple fans will come out of the woodwork in the next couple of hours. I’l duck down a bit later on and hopefully snap some photos of the brave souls taking on the Dunedin night.

The boys up in Auckland are updating live via twitter (@iphonewzealand). I am hearing rumours of bbqs, music and free drinks. No sign of any of this in Dunedin either :(

Being a Thursday night in Dunedin and the store being in the middle of town, I’m thinking the biggest market and biggest problem for Vodafone Dunedin tonight will be students on their way to the Octagon for a few drinks. I’d put money on it that some silly student will wake up tomorrow with a flash new gadget and decent hole in his wallet.

If anyone reading is going to line up down here tonight, I might see you later.

To everyone else, follow the action on twitter and send us in some photos of your iPhone 5 adventures.

Update: We have our first people in line!

iPhone 5 Dunedin

These boys are the first in line Down in Dunedin and I can report that the temperature is actually pretty reasonable. Good luck guys

There is a van supplying drinks and the all important coffee, its all go!…

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We’ll Be Live At The Telecom NZ Store in Auckland Tonight!

Telecom NZ


The time is nearly upon us. Just hours remain until you are able to buy an iPhone 5 in New Zealand. If you need any details regarding plans pricing or location availability including the midnight stores they are all up on our site. The details are also available on the Vodafone New Zealand and Telecom New Zealand respective websites. We have decided to pitch our tents and hang out with the guy’s at the Telecom NZ  store in Auckland at 167 Victoria Street West tonight. We’ll be down there from around 7pm live blogging and tweeting throughout the evening right up until the first iPhone 5 is sold at 12:01am and beyond. We’ll be keeping an eye on the Apple NZ website and we’ll let you know as soon as orders go live there.

So what time should you get there? Well that’s the golden question. As of 1pm today the queues have already started for both the Telco’s in most of the midnight launch locations all be it only one or two people at the moment. If you are planning on heading down to one of the midnight launches our advice would be get down there as early as you can. Keep your eye on the @VodafoneNZ and @TelecomNZ Twitter accounts as they will no doubt be tweeting queue pictures which should help you out. Also keep your eye on our own Twitter account @iphonewzealand and we will try and keep you updated with the queues around the country. We will be using the hastag #i5NZ so tag all your launch tweets with that.

If you are heading down to Telecom NZ in Auckland for the midnight launch we’ll see you there!

Good luck and stay safe!…

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