Vodafone NZ have 35 iPhone 5′s To Buy Outright

iPhone 5 outright!

Well this is getting interesting now. Vodafone New Zealand have now made available 35 iPhone 5′s to buy outright. But there is a catch. No matter how early you get to one of the midnight launch locations you are not guaranteed one. Instead the first 50 people at the stores will go into a draw to be able to buy one.

The allocation of the 35 handsets is split between the stores as follows:

2o in Auckland and 5 at the other 3 midnight launch locations in Wellington Christchurch and Dunedin.

The NZ telco’s have come under a bit of fire this week for not offering any buy outright iPhone 5′s for existing or prepay customers. Whilst this offer from Vodafone is less than ideal it’s much better than nothing.

Anything to add Telecom?

Will you be heading down to try and get one of these? let us know in the comments.…

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We’ll Be Live On The NZ Tech Podcast Tonight

NZ Tech Podcast


iPhonewZealand will be live on the NZ Tech Podcast tonight. The show from Paul Spain and team will be broadcast live around 6pm tonight and will be available to download from iTunes shortly afterwards. Tonight is episode 90 of the podcast, would anybody like to hazard a guess as to what we will be taking about? That’s right, Apple’s 6th generation iPhone will be released in New Zealand this coming Friday. We’ll have our shiny new iPhone 5 with us and we’ll be discussing all things iPhone 5. Hardware, software, availability. You name it we will be discussing it. Full details for the live broadcast and how to download later will be on the NZ Tech Podcast site. See you there.…

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Vodafone NZ iPhone 5 launch Day Stock Numbers Revealed

Vodafone NZ

It’s all go tonight with the New Zealand iPhone 5 information people. We have just had word of the amount of iPhone 5′s Vodafone NZ are to have at launch and boy is it small. Vodafone NZ have been allocated just 10,000 handsets for initial first wave launch, that’s for the whole of New Zealand. To put it in perspective with previous launches we have heard for the 4S launch they were given 18,000 handsets.  These lower numbers are no doubt purely due to the record high demand for the iPhone 5. If you want one of these at launch I wouldn’t plan on cruising to the mall on Sunday to pick one up. Get in early on launch day.

Source: NZ Tech Podcast

Let us know your thoughts and plans for launch day in the comments.…

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Telecom iPhone 5 Launch Details Revealed – Updated With Official Word

Although not officially  announced the Telecom New Zealand’s official iPhone 5 launch details have fell into our lap tonight. No doubt they will announce this tomorrow but if you want to know where you need to be to grab one of these on launch day carry on reading.…

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Telecom and Vodafone Offer iPhone 5 Plans

The countdown until the iPhone 5 is available for purchase in New Zealand is getting so close. Within the last couple of days Telecom has opened for pre-orders and released their plans that will be available for the iPhone 5.

There is no telling how long it will take for your iPhone 5 to arrive if you pre-order it online through Telecom until you finish the purchase. So if anyone has ordered one, please let us know what they say.

At first glance Telecom plans look really good, the minutes and text allowances have increased from the original iPhone 4S plans seen here in Ben’s blog.

These iPhone 5 plans and handset prices are actually exactly the same for an iPhone 4S from Telecom. Surely people wont buy a 4S when the iPhone 5 is the same price on a plan.

Read on to see Telecom and Vodafone iPhone 5 plans

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Unboxing New Zealand’s First iPhone 5s

Little kids going nuts with their presents up here. Seriously. Here, have some pictures.





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The iPhone 5 arrives a week early in New Zealand

That’s right. I’ve made it back safely to New Zealand. And, as you all know (well, you better know…), I had some precious cargo.

But right now, I’m not concerned with fanboying over the new iPhone. Okay, so maybe I am a little, but more on that later. What I really want to discuss is the actual logistics of the entire event.

I felt that it all went quite smoothly. People lined up, they were served. Exactly how it should be. Except, you know, the lines weren’t even on their property, and they had to go far beyond the call of duty for us. I’m sure they were paid handsomely for their efforts, but that’s not the point.

Apple staff began to make their appearance at around 5:30 AM. They were great. Really. They kept the atmosphere lively, and put up with the strain of the same repetitive questions that they received with every footstep. I swear, I was getting more frustrated than them, and I wasn’t even being asked anything. In fact, I was quite lonely. Well, up until 6ish, when I linked onto an Emerates Pilot Captain from UAE. He was friendly enough.

The Apple staff handed out queue cards, which were, essentially, our tokens for our iPhone 5s. We chose what colour and how much memory, then we took this to the desk, then we got our phones. Of course, this took about four hours each time attempted.

I really can’t stress how many people were there. They would have easily sold 2000 iPhone 5s while I was there. But, like I said before, the Apple Store’s staff made it quite smooth and as pain-free as they could (besides the standing pains, and whatever else you might have picked up in the line).

I’d also like to apologise for the lack-of-promised video. I had to choose between replying to Tweets and updating the blog, or taking a video and leaving you all in the dark. I’m seriously considering investing in an external battery case.
Also, sorry for randomly stopping with the Twitter. After you’ve just stood in a never-ending queue, with little-to-no sleep, you start to lose motivation.
One more thing that I’m sorry for – for being so repetitive. I feel like I’ve told you the same things over and over again.

But yeah, I feel like I’m about to get thrashed on this topic, so I’m bracing myself for all your questions.


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