Site on hold due to earthquake

Hi everyone — Dan and I are both safe and well, and we pray that all our readers in Christchurch are also safe following today’s shocking and terrifying events. It goes without saying that our priorities will be with our families, friends and neighbours over the coming days so trust you will understand the lack of posts. Stay safe, Canterbury. is an excellent crowd-sourced information site regarding the Earthquake. If you are in the affected area, visit for a quick directory of available facilities and people offering beds.

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Refurbished iPads hit the NZ Apple Store

Good savings

Look — we’re not about to recommend that anyone go out and buy a current-generation iPad right now with the much-speculated iPad 2 just around the corner, but if you’ve been thinking of buying an iPad, are happy with the current feature-set and don’t care that the new, camera-toting models are most likely just a few months away, then the online Apple Store might have the deal you’ve been holding out for. Keep reading for the details.

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Subscription Service for iOS Apps available now, iOS 4.3 public release coming Feb 28th? [poll]

Subscriptions availablee now

Ever since the start of the App store, developers have wanted a way to charge users for content using a subscription-based system. As this hasn’t been available, devs have had to make do with “In-App-Purchases” and charge users a one-off fee for additional content. That is until today. Keep reading for more.

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Kiwi App Review: iSupr8 adds a touch of nostalgia to your home movies


If you’ve messed around with Instagram or Hipstamatic and wished that you could apply those funky retro filters to video as well as still photos, well look no further. Kiwi devs MEA Mobile have recently launched an app that does just that – iSupr8. Keep reading for a quick look and a demo video.

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iPad as sole means of mobile communication: is it possible?

iPad as Telephone

A question I get asked a lot and I’m sure some of you will have been asked, too, is “why do you need an iPhone and an iPad?” The honest answer (although rarely admitted) is you don’t need both… you just want them both. Recently I have been considering saying goodbye to my iPhone 4 and once released later this year using a 64gb WiFi 3G iPad 2 as my sole means of communication. No this is not an early April fools’ and yes, you did read that correctly: goodbye, iPhone 4. I realise the stage I have chosen to propose ditching the iPhone 4 on could have been better. Proposing this to iPhone enthusiasts on an iPhone blog isn’t going to be an easy sell but before you judge me and shout blasphemy carry on reading to find out why.

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Telecom’s iPhone SIM only offer extended again… now until 28th Feb

Take your iPhone to Xt and get $600*

In case you hadn’t heard Telecom don’t sell the iPhone, however they do want you on their network. They have been offering a $600 account credit when you bring your iPhone to XT (with certain terms) and in November last year they extended the offer in an effort to try an entice more iPhone customers to the network. This ended on 31st January, however due to popular demand they have extended the offer for 2 more weeks (from now) and it expires on 28th February. Keep reading to see more details of the offer and what you need to do to make the switch.

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Sygic to force ‘upgrade’ from Mobile Maps to Aura?

So long, Mobile Maps. It was nice knowing you.

Any of you that have been with us from the start will know that Sygic Mobile Maps was one of the first turn-by-turn apps produced for New Zealand and the first that we ever reviewed, and well… let’s just say it holds a special place in our hearts. A year or so after Mobile Maps hit the store, Sygic launched a second turn-by-turn app, Aura. Since the launch of Aura, both apps have happily co-existed side-by-side as two distinct products, allowing consumers to choose which of the two suits them most and purchase accordingly. Now, however, it would seem that Sygic have disowned their first-born, and will convert Mobile Maps to Aura via a software update whether you like it or not. While we’re certain that Sygic are rolling out with the best of intentions, we don’t think it’s right. Read on for our thoughts.

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