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iPad 2 available now at Apple Online Store… long delays ensue

iPad 2 available now... ish

So after a long wait the iPad 2 is now available from the Apple Online Store. At 2:30am the store refreshed where a number of you were hanging out ready to make your purchase and it seems most of you did.

When the store came up there was a 2-3 week wait for delivery. That’s a long delay! Clearly if you didn’t get one online you’ll want to be early to a store tomorrow. If you’re heading down to a store don’t forget to send your pics to us at team@iphonewzealand.co.nz

Did you manage to get yourself an iPad 2 in the wee hours? If so let us know what you got and any accessories to go with it.

I managed to get a 64GB 3G Black, with a Red Smart Cover and Digital AV adapter…. can’t wait!…

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iPhone 4 now available on Apple Online Store

Go get it!

As promised, Apple have flicked the switch and the iPhone 4 is ready for your credit card! Hit this link and get going! See you on the other side!…

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iPad and accessories now available for purchase via Apple Online Store


For those of you who have been unable to obtain an iPad, either because your nearest retailer has run out or because you nearest retailer simply isn’t, well, near – good news! The iPad and all related accessories are now available for purchase via Apple’s Online Store. Shipping is free, so what are you waiting for?!…

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