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Vodafone NZ have 35 iPhone 5′s To Buy Outright

iPhone 5 outright!

Well this is getting interesting now. Vodafone New Zealand have now made available 35 iPhone 5′s to buy outright. But there is a catch. No matter how early you get to one of the midnight launch locations you are not guaranteed one. Instead the first 50 people at the stores will go into a draw to be able to buy one.

The allocation of the 35 handsets is split between the stores as follows:

2o in Auckland and 5 at the other 3 midnight launch locations in Wellington Christchurch and Dunedin.

The NZ telco’s have come under a bit of fire this week for not offering any buy outright iPhone 5′s for existing or prepay customers. Whilst this offer from Vodafone is less than ideal it’s much better than nothing.

Anything to add Telecom?

Will you be heading down to try and get one of these? let us know in the comments.…

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Telecom and Vodafone Offer iPhone 5 Plans

The countdown until the iPhone 5 is available for purchase in New Zealand is getting so close. Within the last couple of days Telecom has opened for pre-orders and released their plans that will be available for the iPhone 5.

There is no telling how long it will take for your iPhone 5 to arrive if you pre-order it online through Telecom until you finish the purchase. So if anyone has ordered one, please let us know what they say.

At first glance Telecom plans look really good, the minutes and text allowances have increased from the original iPhone 4S plans seen here in Ben’s blog.

These iPhone 5 plans and handset prices are actually exactly the same for an iPhone 4S from Telecom. Surely people wont buy a 4S when the iPhone 5 is the same price on a plan.

Read on to see Telecom and Vodafone iPhone 5 plans

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iOS 6 is Here


iOS 6 became available for download early this morning. After installing it on my iPhone I can tell you that patience is important.

Just like when iOS 5 arrived, a lot pf people are having problems downloading it. It took me two goes this morning on my iPhone. The first time I was trying to use applications at the same time and I dont think it liked it. So if your having problems, try what I did; change the auto screen lock to ‘never’ so you can watch it download and just be very patient. I would also recommend plugging the device into a charger.

Anyway, mine took almost an hour to complete, which is a little long. The wait was worth it though.

Having an iPhone 4, I was a little worried that I would miss out on some of the updates but it looks like the only thing really is the siri update.

My favourite and probably the biggest change in iOS 6 is the new maps. I previously used other map apps when driving because the old iPhone maps did not include turn by turn navigation which was up to my standards. I have not been for a drive yet but the maps app already looks very good.

Being able to use the app in landscape position is a significant improvement for me. It is now a lot easier and safer for me to find my location.

Another sneeky thing that I have just noticed is that you can now Tweet from the notification center. If you slide it down from the top of the screen a tweet box appears. Thats handy I suppose.

20120920-103712.jpgSafari has also had a little spruce up. You can now share via Facebook and the whole thing looks a lot better.

The app store has had some design upgrades and looks very impressive. The Genius tool has become the center option. I never use it but its not hiding anymore.

YouTube has just dissapeared which means that you need to download the new idependant YouTube app. Dont worry its a lot better than the old one anyway.

Most of the apps that come included in the iPhone have had small adjustments, some just a colour change.

The coolest change for me is the maps, just because I drive a lot. Once you download iOS 6, get into it and explore the new upgrades. I plan to install it on my iPad later.

Let me know how you feel about it.

Check out a full run down of the updates from Apple here

Edit: There is currently world wide problems connecting to wifi with iOS 6, hold fire on downloading it if this will effect you. Hopefully they will fix it soon…

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Apple Continues to Rise Following iPhone Announcement

Share Increase

In the wake of the media announcement last week, Apple Inc. has continued its rise in the business world. The pending release of the iPhone 5 has pushed share prices through the roof.

The iPhone 5 pre-orders ticked over 2 million in the first 24 hours, a new record. Smashing the iPhone 4s by 1 million.

Following the announcement of the iPhone 5 and other upgrades, Apple shares have broken through the US$700 mark for the first time. The massive amount of pre-orders and hype created by the annoucnment are the major reasons behind this increase.

In December last year, Apple shares were worth well under US$400. Anyone who has invested in Apple should be very happy. In the last three months, Apple shares have increased by 21%.

The iPhone 5 is being released to the world faster than any other iPhone, this will result in a further increase in the price of Apple shares.

By introducing new and upgraded products every year, Apple rises fairly consistently. Of course they have had their ups and downs but the business plan of Apple looks to be very strong. There is no doubt that Steve Jobs developed a team and a plan that would lead Apple well into the future.

Being such a successful company, Apple has often been the target of some of its competitors advertisements. The battle between Apple and Samsung has been very public, this recent ad from Samsung is just one example of some brutal marketing.

Is this jealousy from Samsung? Who knows, but this ad has certainly angered a lot of people.


Samsung vs Apple Ad

If you want to keep an eye on Apple Inc. share prices, just use the Stocks app which comes with your iPhone.

Apple certainly is an extremely successful and exciting company, the legacy that Steve Jobs left is massive, I certainly hope they can keep it up for decades to come.…

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The Secret is Out, How Do We Feel?

Apple iPhone 5So I am sure everyone has been buzzing over the Apple announcement yesterday morning, regarding the new iPhone 5, iOS 6 and iPod updates. The time zone difference worked perfectly for me, waking up early on my birthday to watch a perfect run down of the event from Ben.

Checkout Bens blog to get the full run-down of the announcement and the official video on apple.com is also worth a watch.

The most exciting thing is that iOS 6 will be available for download next Thursday New Zealand time. This means that we can play around with most of the new features before the release of the iPhone 5 in New Zealand on the 28th of September.

According to an article by Tom Pullar-Strecker, the iPhone 5:

“will carry a recommended retail price here of $1049 for the 16GB model, $1199 for the 32GB model and $1349 for the 64GB model”.

Obviously Vodafone and Telecom will come up with some plans which will make the handset somewhat cheaper. It will be interesting to see whether they stick with the existing plans or create a new set.

To be honest, I can not wait for the iPhone 5. The design of the handset looks so sleek and well created, I am going to have no problems upgrading from an iPhone 4. How do you feel about it? take the poll above and lets see what the consensus is, I am thinking it will be pretty one-sided.…

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Alright, so, here we go.
This is the live blog for Apple’s Sept. 12th Media Event.
Please excuse any lack of creativity. I’m tired. And so are my cats. They’re fighting.

Still awake. All showered up, snug in my onesie, wrapped in my blanket. This bowl of cereal is so good. So are these V’s. And this Berocca.
USTREAM consists of a music playlist, so far. I just heard Gangnam Style. Awesome.

Still waiting, with the playlist. I’m just one of 107k viewers. Exciting much?
At the moment, some country song is playing. Probably a classic. I have no idea. I seem to be stuck in some sort of “write-extremely-short-sentences” mode.

Yep, 5:00AM. We’ve started, and, as of right now, there are 127k viewers. Physical media are being allowed into the arena now, and a livestream is being searched for.

Seven-million downloads of Mountain Lion OSX. Good topic to open with, I guess. Usually start with statistics like that. Still waiting for actual coverage.
They’re talking about the iPad now, and their sales figures. 84 million to date. The iPad is 91% of all tablet web traffic. Phil Schiller says “I don’t know what these other tablets are doing! They must be in warehouses or store shelves or maybe in peoples’ bottom drawer”.

Straight into the iPhone discussion.
“Each and every year we introduce new versions with new features… each time setting the gold standard” – Phil Schiller.
“iPhone 5″ is the confirmed name for the new iPhone.
“[The iPhone 5] is made entirely of glass and aluminium. It’s designed and built to an exacting level of standard unlike anything we, or anything in our industry, have made before” – Phil Schiller

7.6mm thick – 18% thinner than before.
112 grams – 20% lighter than the 4S.
326ppi Retina display, 4-inches. 1136×640 resolution. The iPhone is the same width, but taller.
44% better colour saturation, with full sRGB rendering.
Touch is integrated into the display, so it’s thinner and sharper, with less glare in sunlight.

Wireless is now faster. Accepts 802.11 a/b/g/n networks, and is dual-channeled, up to 150Mbps.

New chip. A6 processor. 2X faster CPU and 2x graphics compared to the A5. This is 22% smaller, and more energy-efficient. Examples given are than Pages is going to launch 2.1x faster than before.

EA Games have made an appearance. Some car-racing game. There are realtime relections in the rear-view mirrors. “Yes, for the first time in Real Racing you can see behind you”.
There’s a two-player race, but it’s asynchronous. Essentially, this is multiplayer racing where both people race at different times. “Time-shifted multiplayer”, it’s called.

Battery-life discussion.

Camera talk. 5-element lens and f/2.4 aperture. Same as the iPhone 4S, essentially, but thinner.
Dynamic low-light mode.
There’s now a sapphire lens crystal cover – durable and clear.
New feature called “Shared Photo Streams”. We all know what that means.
Panorama is officially native, now. Simply swing the phone, and you’ll get a 28 megapixel resulting image. It automatically smooths it all out, even if you shake or wobble a bit.
Video is improved, too. 1080p like the previous, but with better video stabilisation and facial recognition.
The front-facing camera is now 720p.

Facetime now works over cellular networks.

New audio:
Three microphones now – front, bottom and back. This is for voice recognition and noise cancellation.
There’s a wider spectrum for audio, now, so your voice will sound more natural and clearer. More crisp.

“The iPhone, from its start, has used the iPod’s connector”.
The connector is, indeed, new. They’re also releasing a bunch of accessories to help converting old docks.

Now they’re discussing iOS6. The info card of each destination has been partnered with Yelp, as I blogged about earlier. They’re basically showing all the new map features, now that it’s all Google-free.

Safari has a new full-screen, similar to the desktop version. You can share tabs from your desktop to your phone. “iCloud Tabs”.

The new mailbox has a VIP system, where you can mark contacts as VIP, and their mail will go directly to a separate inbox.

Siri updates:
“How did the 49ers do last weekend?” …

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5AM start tomorrow for me, I guess.

Yes, we all know that it’s September 12 in the U.S tomorrow.
Yes, we’ve all heard the same things about the Apple event.
Yes, we’re all getting quite sick of waiting, now.

But, in 13 hours, I will be thrashing at my alarm clock, trying to resist the urge to fall back asleep. I’ll be tuned in to the USTREAM coverage provided by AppleKeynotes, and I’ll be spamming the keyboard, trying to post everything here. Consider it a live blog.
There, I’ve said it now. There’s no way for me to get out of this – I have to wake up at 4:30.

So, how about we recap the major points that have been speculated about tomorrow’s event? This can be a, kind-of, comparison experiment, to see how accurate the international blabbermouths are when it comes to spreading rumours.

The new iPhone gets bigger and runs faster.

Okay, so this is hardly a rumour. Everyone knows that an upgrade needs to be, well, an upgrade. A bigger screen helps with precision touching, and more room for a larger processor. Fairly easy for anyone to come to that conclusion. But it will be interesting to see if the leaked photos of the “iPhone 5″ are the same as the one that is planned on being released. If you haven’t seen the photos of the fully-assembled iPhone, you can find them on AppleInsider’s blog here.

iOS 6 is better than you. Get over it.

This’ll most likely be another marketing ploy in the media event. I wouldn’t be surprised if they blatantly had that as the tagline: “iOS 6 is the best mobile Operating System”. We’ll soon see if it lives up to what its being boasted as. I know that there’s already been a few problems with almost everything, from Wi-Fi connectivity issues on the iPad, to simple purchases from the App Store. I’m sure they’ve got it all sorted now, though, right?

New iPods! Those’ll compliment my new iPhone nicely.

The iPod Touch is getting a larger screen, similar to the new iPhone. It might be safe to assume a processor upgrade, as well, although I’m not totally sure. I don’t see why they wouldn’t, really, unless they were trying to force customers to choose between an iPod Touch and the new iPhone. The Nano is getting a new wireless chip, to allow for easier syncing to computers. The Shuffle is getting a paintjob, with eight new colours.

Apparently the iPad is too big. Gotta shrink it.

So, the generation’s favourite tablet is, apparently, too large. I’m not sure what surveys they used to come to that conclusion, but they did, so apparently we’re getting it. The logic behind this product move, according to Patrick Moorhead, president and principal analyst of Moor Insights & Strategy, is this:

“The Google Nexus 7 will sell well, which is good for Google, Android, ASUS and NVIDIA, but bad for Apple, unless they act before the holidays”.

But do we really need a smaller iPad, or do we just need a cheaper one? Hard question to answer. Better get Apple’s analytic team on the job for that one.

But seriously.

As much fun as I have trying to bag on Apple and their methods behind releases, I have to admit that they’re doing a wonderful job at keeping us all enthralled. I’m a little boy, when it comes to these things. My inner-child is trapped within this shell of a hard-man.

Bring on the 5AM media event. I’ll be ready.…

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