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Is this a bad time to renew your MobileMe subscription?

An interesting conversation

In the madness of the Feb 22nd earthquake and it’s aftermath, we managed to miss the news that on Feb 24th Apple discontinued retail boxes containing MobileMe activation keys. Since that revelation, speculation has been rife across the interwebs that Apple are  wanting to clear these from shelves in preparation for an overhaul of the service and the possibility that the service will soon become free. Yesterday, before finding out about this, I logged into the account section of MobileMe and got a warning that my account was due to expire in seventeen days. There was no link to renew the subcription so I was completely stuck as to how I might continue with the service. Then I remembered that Apple’s online store sold the retail boxes with activation keys (my preferred method of payment for MobileMe) so I went to the site only to find that the product was nowhere to be found. Confused, I hopped onto Apple’s ExpressLane service and had a conversation with a MobileMe support person, and my interpretation of the responses to my questions is that we’re less than 45 days away from the new MobileMe. But I’ll let you be the judge. I am going to share a transcript of the conversation: you read the questions and answers carefully and draw your own conclusions.

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FTW: MobileMe boxed copies going away

Story via TUAW

Apple is reportedly informing third-party resellers that boxed versions of MobileMe are now discontinued. Retailers can continue to sell their existing inventory, but supplies will not be replenished. This latest information falls in line with earlier rumors that suggest Apple may offer MobileMe as a free service with cloud-based digital lockers for music, photos and videos. via MobileMe boxed copies going away.

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FTW: Researchers steal iPhone passwords in six minutes (video)

Story via engadget

Losing your smarpthone is bad enough. But if you lose your iPhone and don’t issue a remote wipe command (available for free with the Find My iPhone app) then you could find yourself in a world of hurt via Researchers steal iPhone passwords in six minutes (video) — Engadget.

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Rupert Murdoch’s The Daily app now available – US only for now, but here’s how you can get it

Now available... kind of

Rupert Murdoch’s new iPad-only newspaper, The Daily, has just been launched on the App Store. For now, it’s only available on the US store but for any New Zealanders keen to have a look, here’s how you can grab it.

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Which Free case will you get? [poll]

Which case are you getting?

With the announcement of the Free Case Program from Apple you are going to have a choice of 8 cases, but the big question is which one will you be getting? Hit the read more and let us know in our latest poll.

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Apple begin iPhone 4 Bumper refunds and free case program [gallery]

Bumper refunds begin

If you bought an iPhone 4 early and with it a Bumper at the same time, then you will have just received an email, as we just did above, advising customers they are automatically refunding them the cost of the Bumper they purchased. They have also started the Free case program as promised, so for those of you that didn’t get a bumper/case at the same time as your iPhone 4 you can now get one for free and to organise it, well, ‘There’s an App for that’. Hit the read more to see a gallery of the cases they are offering as freebies and the link to the app (bookmark it for later)

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Free* MicroSIM for iPad – Vodafone

Free Vodafone MicroSIM for iPad

Not sure if this has come to anyone’s attention but it has just been pointed out to us that Vodafone are offering a Free* MicroSIM for iPad users….. One catch with the SIM though is that it can only be used with the iPad. *$6.95 P&P Hit the read more for the link to buy….

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