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In case you hadn’t heard, iOS 5 GM 9A334 is available now

iOS 5 GM available now!

I know, I know… we are late to the party, but iOS 5 GM 9A334 is now available for download from the dev site.

Let us know what you find in the comments.…

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iOS 4.3 GM now available

It's here

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s announcement that iOS 4.3 would be released March 11, the GM (Gold Master) final release has been seeded to devs today. Paid-up devs know where to go so start your engines… the rest of you will have to be patient or go looking in shady corners of the internet. Enjoy!…

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FTW: Apple finally GMs iOS 4.3, build 8F190?

Story via BGR

One of our Apple sources has just informed us that it looks like Apple has finalized the code for its upcoming iOS 4.3 release. The build, we’re told, is 8F190 for those keeping track. Maybe we’ll see this release unify the Verizon iPhone OS-wise as well? We’ll probably see this in the wild next week if we had to bet…

via Apple finally GMs iOS 4.3, build 8F190? | BGR | Boy Genius Report.…

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iOS 4.2.1 Gold Master seeded to developers… What the…?

4.2.1 Gold Master

Well what have we here… iOS 4.2.1 Gold Master. Yup that’s not a typo you see before you, apple have released iOS GM 4.2.1 to devs for all versions of iOS.

We are obviously getting closer and closer to the public release of 4.2 but what the dot one is fixing we are unsure… we’d say it’s pretty minor though for Apple to go straight to GM with it.

If you update and find anything you know where to let us know (pssst the comments).…

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Revised iOS 4.2 GM released, fixes iPad WiFi issues


Hot off the heals of the iTunes 10.1 release, which adds supports for the upcoming iOS 4.2 upgrade, Apple have released a revision of the iOS 4.2 Grand Master (GM). Supposedly, this is to fix issues with WiFi on the iPad, which delayed the official launch of iOS 4.2 to the general public.

Assuming there are no additional issues with the GM, we should see a public release sometime next week.…

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iOS 4.2 goes Gold Master

Available now

Can you smell that? That’s the sweet, sweet smell of AirPlay and AirPrint drawing closer and closer! Yes, folks, it’s November – the month that iOS 4.2 goes live, and it’s tantalisingly close now as the beta has wrapped up and the GM (Gold Master) release has just become available to registered developers. AirPlay hasn’t been available in any of the betas so it’ll certainly be good to have a play with that – obviously Apple felt it didn’t need any actual ‘testing’ from the dev community. We’ll be installing it on our iPads and iPhone 4s later and will report back with our thoughts. If you’re lucky, there might be some footage of AirPlay streaming to our Apple TV, too. Yay!

UPDATE: Well, it would appear that AirPlay now works for audio, but not for video. We suspect that an Apple TV firmware update will be required to enable this and suspect we will be seeing that when iOS 4.2 goes live for the masses. AirPrint is also a no-go as it would seem that compatibility is now limited to specific AirPrint-certified printers.

UPDATE 2: Okay, AirPrint does work with any printer shared on your LAN via Bonjour as promised at the keynote. The release notes are poorly worded and confused me!…

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